Ready Common Core…Anyone use this series?

Our district updated to a new math series this year. Ready Common Core is a math program from Curriculm Associates. This year, my math has changed considerably and it sure is a LOT of work to get ready every week! I do enjoy finding materials though, as that means more time for me to search for awesome materials to supplement my lessons.

This week, we are studying Math Strategies: Making a Ten. Basically students are working on numbers that add up to 10. I headed over to TPT to find some materials and found a good one with this Making Ten lesson plan by IgnitED:

making ten


What a great lesson plan for the week. This was super planned out and right to the point with what I was trying to teach.

Another one I found was from A Tale of Two Teachers:

making ten strategy

This one is a great dice rolling activity for making 10.

My class really enjoyed the first lesson of Making Ten today. ¬†First I did a little mini lesson with a Making Ten movie from Brain Pop. Then, we headed right into learning about ten frames with counters. I used my Hovercam to model how to take counters off and add up to 10. Then I had the kids partner up with their elbow buddies. One was the teacher and the other was the student. They set up ten frame problems for each other to solve. After, we did a little wrap up assessment with the worksheets provided from IgnitED’s Making Ten plans.



Do any of you do the Ready Common Core Series? If so, do you like it and do you supplement with other materials?

Have a great week!