I Went Back.

I went back to school today.

I am looping with my 2nd graders and I have a new/old room. It’s new because I was teaching across the hall in 2nd grade for the last six years and it’s also my old room as I taught 3rd grade in that room years ago. I’m on my 16th year and I’ve been all over that school. I guess that is good and bad, just like my new/old room.

The good part is that I enjoy a new adventure. Switching up grades is fun for me, and especially fun when I get to have my same class from 2nd grade! We are going to have a fantastic year. The bad part is that I had to move to the new/old room. I have to go through cupboards and stuff. I need to learn new curriculum and plan out my year. I just need to do a lot of stuff. And today, I felt all of that. I walked into the new/old room and looked around. One of my friends at school has the best way of saying how it feels when we go back into our rooms after the summer. We move one pile of sh*& to another pile of sh*&. The piles get moved around, put away, thrown away, stored in a box, or put into the infamous “up for grabs” pile in the teacher’s lounge. Pretty soon, the piles get smaller and the room starts to come together. Today, I was in the “moving one pile of sh*% to another pile of sh*%” stage. You see, I have too much stuff.

See that picture? That is the trunk of my car. All that stuff was in my garage taking up space. It took me about five or six long walks into the school balancing all that stuff to get it all into my classroom. It looks real cute in the store and then I get it into my room and think…”Hmmm…did I need that 3,735th container?”

I started with the cupboards. I went through each one and organized the contents into piles. I had math piles, science piles, social studies piles, reading piles, junk piles…Then I cleaned out the cupboards and put everything back in.

This is a cupboard full of multiplication and time materials. No, it is not placed into beautiful containers and labeled accordingly. But it is arranged nicely and I will be able to go and grab materials out pretty easily because it is more organized now. When I first got my new/old room last spring, it was two days before school got out and kids were helping me put away stuff. They did a great job of helping me, but we kind of just threw everything in there. We were ready for summer!

After I went through all of the cupboards, I put up a sticky note of what is in each cupboard so I can make a label for it. Once that job was done, I tackled the mess behind my desk and moved some furniture around. I’m coming up with a plan for tomorrow!