And so it begins!

I kind of dread/look forward to the day I head to my classroom for the first time in the summer.  It’s a bittersweet day as summer is speeding by so fast and that first day of school is glaring at me from the calendar. As August approaches, I know my days are numbered to get the 7,435,568 things done before the first day of school finally arrives.

The truth is, I love going back to my room. I love seeing the brand new shiny floors and the desks all piled up in neat rows just waiting for me to take them down and arrange them. ( that is not fun for me, however) 🙂 I love going to Target or Walmart and spotting the 25 cent crayons, the 10 cent folders, and the “not yet marked down enough for me to buy 20 of them” composition books. 10 more cents Shopko, 10 more cents. 🙂 I love my old chair at my desk that is probably as old as I am. I love the smell of my classroom. And I LOOOOOOOOVVVVEEEE to bring the 450 new organizing basket/boxes/chevron stripe plastic doodads that will perfectly hold my crayons in and find new places for them.

Except this year. I have all my new pretties to organize with  but there is no more room in my room for anything. I knew it would happen someday. After 14 years of teaching, which included several back to school trips to Walmart and Target for those 25 cent crayons and beautiful organizers, other teachers putting up the infamous “up for grabs!” box o’ goodies in the lounge that I usually always take stuff from, I  have  come to the conclusion that I have too much stuff.

So, I had a crazy thought! What if I tear down all my boxes of monthly decorations/worksheets/whatever else in the world I might need for whatever holiday it might be… and organize those! I love to organize, and even though my room usually looks clean and organized, it still isn’t enough for me I’ve decided. No, I need to get rid of half my classroom and I’ll be good to go. So I started. I started tearing those boxes down from above my lockers ( thanks Max 30 for the stronger arms!)  and going through every.single. one. I threw away a ton. Who knew I needed 30 copies of every worksheet I needed to save?!? Gah! I made a pile of ugliness in my room that I need to throw away/recycle. I made another pile of ugliness that is the “up for grabs!” pile. It takes up my entire entranceway to my classroom.  I’m hoping the new teachers at my school will be as enticed with the “up for grabs!” pile as I always have been and take it all!

I started going through all my old binders and ripping out all the material that I’ll never use again and recycling the binders to hold my teaching units/holiday worksheets/etc… I made piles of holiday stuff that I will put into new, pretty totes numbered by month instead of my haphazard “stack everything up as high as it will go”  copy paper box and tote method from before.  I went through almost every cupboard and ripped out all the stuff I don’t want anymore. I still have a few of those guys left though, the real ugly ones. The art supplies.

The file cabinets are still staring at me though. That might have to wait until the fall for a weekend project. 🙂

Welp, I better go outside and get that lawn mowed and enjoy the morning. Summer is going fast.


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